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Sundays 1-4 pm PT

JuLY 12 -August 9 OVER ZOOM 


Thrive : Upgrade to 21st c. skills


Session One

  • understand yourself, your strengths and your motivations

  • know you land on the intellectual, intuitive, instinctive and rational map

  • learn the TinyHabits method

Session Two

  • learn what influences behavior

  • understand how others perceive you

  • develop inclusive skills

  • cultivate collaborative leadership skills

Session Three

  • learn and apply design thinking to solve a company's design challenge

Session Four

  • learn the business model canvas and analyze a company's opportunities and challenges

  • develop a revenue and operating approach using this model

Session Five

  • understand the power of networking

  • learn and practice how to position yourself for new opportunities and to help others grow

  • discuss the real key to leadership - making others succeeed

Team Meeting
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